Video On Glass

Video on Glass

Adhesive Rear projection Film Surfaces are the perfect solution for Video On Glass Glass TV

Transparent Rear Projection Film video on GlassVideo on Glass is made possible by using a highly sophisticated paper thin HD rear projection screen; we have intricately compressed our rigid projection screen technology down invideo on glass rear projection film - SSIto this amazing digital video on glass tv display film. It is best described as a window tint like material with water activated adhesive that can be applied to any clear and even tinted glass or acrylic surfaces, transforming even the most standard storefront or shop front retail windows into animated video on glass tv digital displays.

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This video on glass film comes in a variety of colors all with unique characteristics andBuy Video on Glass Projection Film performance benefits; contrast rear projection film adds depth to video on glass and is designed to add contrast and depth to your images it can also be used in direct sunlight applications on storefronts and retail displays.

White or opaque rear projection film for video on glass tv is an impressive screen that can handle most any extreme application it is presented with. This screen has been used in some of the biggest names in retail including Estée Lauder, Bare Escentuals and many more to create stunning and unique digital signage displays that captivate, inspire and engage perspective buyers; this is a condensed version of our Accent rigid screen. 3D capable holographic rear projection film is just as it is described Clear Rear Projection Film video on Glass with Touch Screenintriguing – this video on glass tv film has been used in many high end retail chains such as De Beers Jewelry Stores and Microsoft Stores to create one of a kind award winning displays that are sure to stop and attract potential buyers; this screen is of similar technology to our Intrigue rigid projection screen yet paper thin.

Video on Glass rear projection films are stocked on 60” wide rolls and 33’ in length giving you the ability to install up to 122" seamless widescreen display or any diagonal size or aspect ratio screen for your displays.

Interactive options are available and can be incorporated into any application utilizing rear projection films; simply apply a thin touch screen film  to your substrate and then apply your projection film onto the touch film. This thru glass touch screen solution in conjunction with rear projection screen technology can transform any storefront into an interactive video on glass tv digital display in a matter of an hour or so; sizes available up to 116” widescreen.


Infrared IR Bezels for use with Rear Projection Films for Interactive Video on Glass

Video on Glass Infrared IR Bezel with Rear Projection FilmRetrofitting a standard LCD Flat Panel TV or Projection Screen into an IR interactive touch screen technology is simple when you use an Infrared IR Bezel. Simply overlay or place the bezel right over the top of your video on glass tv display.  From the time you open your new touch screen box when it arrives at your door it will only take a few minutes before you are ready to start touching your display and interacting with the content that it is presented.

Thru-Glass Touch Screens for use with Video on Glass TV Technology

Imagine a flexible touch screen that can be made to any size between 30’’ and 116’’ and attached to any non-metallic surface such as video on glass TV. Screen Solutions offers the Interactive Foils to dealers and integrators at wholesale pricing as well as information and technical support 

video on glass touch screen - thu-glass touch foilInteractive touch Foil are simple to integrate with a wide range of display technologies such as LCD, Rear Projection, Tabletop, thru window, video on glass and kiosks, And with the level of the product’s flexibility, the range of touch interactive applications is only limited by your imagination.

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Projection Glass

Glass is one of the largest platforms of underutilized digital signage surfaces available today. Never before has there been so much nontraditional real estate available to advertise on for both business owners and advertisers alike.

Any opportunity is only as valuable as your ability to see it and capitalize on it. If you have a storefront shop window that you are not using as either bait or supplemental income now is the time to transform it.
Window bait is the idea that people in general are curious by nature and if you give them a reason to excite this curiosity you can capitalize on it.

Supplemental income through the use of video on glass projection is the ability to leverage empty glass windows as marketing projections. For instance you can transform an empty strip mall suite into a Digital Signage Billboard and sell time on the window.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur that is interested in technology and enjoys the ability of creating something out of nothing this is probably for you. If you own a storefront location great, if you don’t you can swing a great deal with the owner in exchange for a profit sharing or flat monthly fee. Build relationships with local and national business and create your very own network of large format digital signage. This technology can be managed, updated and completely controlled from anywhere in the world you can log onto the internet.

Go interactive and convert any or all of your storefront into video on glass projection digital signage into a multitouch thru glass touch screen. Both technologies will give you the ability to install everything inside the storefront limiting your liability and risk of vandalism etc.

Take control of your future and get out of the box with on glass projection advertising; enjoy the freedom of owning and managing your very own digital marketing firm. Take control of your future and manage from anywhere in the world even the beach in Bermuda. Digital Signage is seeing the largest and most consistent growth of any market in the AV technology market with more than 30% increase each and every year.

As you begin to explore this technology of video on glass projection screen advertising you will never again see the worked the same. Just as an artist sees every canvas as an opportunity, you will see marketing potential in every piece of glass your eyes come in contact with.

Screen Solutions International is a global developer of digital signage technology and consultants to agency's on the forefront of DOOH systems. If you have an interest in single or multi site on glass projected digital signage deployment, we can provide everything you need from concept to complete deployment and installation.
Call for more information on video on glass tv, design assistance and pricing 888-631-5880

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True MultiTouch Infrared Touch Screen Technology

Infrared touch screen technology is a lot more cost effective than other types of touch screen technology and can be used on small screens or large screens. Using a multi touch screen technology overlay you can instantly turn any of your projected image surfaces into an interactive touch screen.

You can transform any of your front or rear projection screens, adhesive rear projection films, plasma, LCD, or LED flat screens into an interactive touch screen technology surface by sticking the IR bezel to the bezel of your display. Surely you have seen the national weatherman on TV sizing and resizing pictures or weather data with his fingers and moving items around the screen, now you can do this too!

IR stands for "infrared" which is a type of light that can sense the touch of your finger, stylus or pen with exceptional accuracy. You can get variant levels of touch ability, from two touch points and more depending upon the screen size. It's also a lot more durable than other kinds of multitouch touch screen technology since it is using infrared to control the touch screen display.

Ir Bezel Multitouch touch screen technology is a more cost effective than other types of multitouch touch screen technology and can be used on small screens or large format screens such as the TV stations or Control Rooms. Using a multitouch screen technology overlay you can instantly turn any of your projected image surfaces into a touch screen. This is great for kiosks, and other interactive digital image displays. Imagine, you can even have a multitouch touch screen wall unit for your customers to interact with.

Additionally another great feature of the Infrared IR touch screen technology is that they are easy to interact with since virtually no pressure is needed to affect the screen. Since the technology uses infrared light rather than pressure the placement of a finger, stylus or pen, any object that interrupts the light source will cause the action you want.

With the infrared touch screen technology overlay you'll be able to do all kinds of interactive functions. With true multi touch technology you will be able to draw, point and click, enlarge, reduce, drag, drop and much, much more. In a nutshell, if you can perform the action with your mouse, you can do it with the multitouch touch screen technology overlay with your finger. You've seen this touch screen technology used during your nightly newscast many times. A little closer to home, you might even have a touch screen keyboard such as the one on your iPad, cell phone, or maybe you used the touch screen when you are checking out at the grocery store with your debit card.

Whatever you need it for, the Infrared IR multi touch touch screen technology overlay is something that you can put to good use in your business to promote your products, services, tell a story, get more client interaction, and more. The uses are only limited by imagination.

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